OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight – Integration Objects’ solution for managing thousands of events in real-time

April 27, 2012

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of its OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight.

OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight empowers its users to collect and monitor real-time data and events with high frequency from multiple control systems and automation data sources. End users can configure complex event processing (CEP) applications, allowing them to:

– Centralize high volume real-time data and events
– Process events across multiple data streams, detect correlations, and focus on key process
– Aggregate events from multiple sources and perform highly complex analyses over time
– Gain continuous operations performance insight ?
“OPC StreamInsight Adapter will help end users in manufacturing and process industries to finally gather all data and events, to perform advanced analytics and performance management applications for operations improvement at an affordable price.” says Integration Objects’ CEO Samy Achour.

Integration Objects is also planning to integrate StreamInsight as part of its advanced operations and manufacturing management solution, KnowledgeNet, enabling increased asset availability and safety.

Read more about our OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight

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