Verify TCP port is open to establish OPCNet Broker communications

If the OPCNet Broker (ONB) Server service is running and you are not able to establish the TCP communication, we recommend you to use the tcping command to verify and confirm the quality of the network communications and that ONB Server is reachable from the client machine. To do so:

  1. Download the tcping utility package from here

  2. Copy the tcping executable in the ONB Client machine under “.:\WINDOWS\system32\”

  3. In the ONB Client machine, execute this command “tcping IPONBS Port” in the command line window; where IPONBS is the IP address of the ONB Server machine and Port is the TCP port used by the ONB Server.

  4. If the ONB Server is reachable, you will get the following message: Probing IPONBS:Port/tcp – Port is open.

  5. If the TCP port is not open, we recommend you to check the network configuration between the ONB Server and the ONB Client.

OPCNet Broker is an OPC Tunneling software used to establish and secure OPC communications without needing to configure DCOM. Click here for more information about OPCNet Broker.