Extract Knowledge from Historical Data

Duration: 13:25

This video demonstrates the steps of a real case study  of process data analysis, from data import to advanced algorithms through cleaning and pre-processing . It shows how KNet Analytics can be used to identify, then classify the operating modes in a chemical process unit. It also explains how to build predictive models for the energy consumption in each operating mode.

Advanced Analytics for Alarms

Duration: 7:56

This video introduces advanced alarm analytics features in KNet Analytics and explains how users can identify bad actors in an alarm system and extract patterns in the sequences of alarms to predict the future behavior of the system.

Advanced Trending Features

Duration: 10:49

This video provides an overview of the trending tools available in KNet Analytics.

Prognostic and Failure Prediction on NASA flying engines data

Duration: 08:21

This video presents Integration Objects’ approach to tackle the data challenge problem defined by the 2008 Prognostics and Health Management Data Challenge Competition. In this competition, run-to-failure data of an engineered system are provided and the objective of the competition is to predict the number of remaining operational cycles before failure in the test set.