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Bring OPC HDA Data into G2 with G2 OPC HDA Link!

Looking for a way to access historical data from your G2 application? Integration Objects’ G2 OPC HDA Link is the solution for you. In fact, it is a plug-and-play OPC HDA Client software for G2. It enables G2 applications to access plant wide information stored in any OPC Historian Server via OPC HDA. Within a few configuration steps, you will be to read OPC historical data in your G2 application and easily update historical records.

In addition, this OPC HDA Client software provides remote procedure calls for managing and browsing any OPC Historian Server.

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Product Features

  • Simultaneously connect to one or more, local or remote OPC HDA servers
  • Simultaneous access to multiple Gensym G2 applications
  • Browses any OPC HDA server address space
  • OPC synchronous historical data read and update requests
  • Providing RPC for:
  • 5000 transactions / second
  • OPC HDA quality filter capabilities

Operating System Compatibility

Windows NT4.0 (SP6a)

Windows 2000 (SP4)

Windows XP (SP1 & SP2)

Windows 2003 Server (SP1)

OPC Compatibility

  • OPC Historical Data Access 1.20
  • OPC Historical Data Access 1.10
  • OPC Historical Data Access 1.00


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