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David Riddick

(…)  Your professional services were excellent, and the professionalism that your team exhibited under adverse conditions (…) was consistently high and very impressive. Your documentation was top notch. (…) did a great job as PM, and was fair to all parties when controlling scope. All of the IO engineers that I came in contact with (…) presented a very good face to the customer. I would not hesitate to recommend contracting IO for future work, (…). In an otherwise challenging and difficult project, working with IO was a real pleasure.

Phillipe Dubreuil

With SIOTH, we will be able to ensure the IT-OT convergence which has been a challenge to us for many years, for cyber security reasons. We can now move on with closing the gap between IT-OT, and streamlining critical applications in which we expect significant incremental value to TotalEnergies.

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