Integration Objects at the ARC World Industry Forum

February 3, 2012

Transforming Industry through New Processes and Technologies was the theme of this year’s ARC World Industry Forum. As one of the innovators in manufacturing intelligence and connectivity solutions industry, Integration Objects was part of the Innovations Showcase. We presented our latest solution KnowledgeNet, that specializes in detecting performance deviations and abnormal events, as well as providing operations guidance to enforce best practices. By accumulating knowledge in the system and utilizing decision support systems, it can quickly identify opportunities for operational improvements and the root cause of problems as they arise, empowering operators and managers with the ability to make the most effective decisions and reach operations excellence.

We also presented our OPC Tunneling software, OPCNet Broker that delivers state-of-the-art process control network security, offering the option to collect data over the cloud while keeping the same level of security as a private network. OPCNet Broker ensures fast‚ reliable‚ and secure OPC remote communication by overcoming DCOM bottlenecks, protecting your process data from intrusions and attacks and improving network communication.