OPC Training

Integration Objects’ OPC training courses include monthly sessions and workshops covering various topics such as:

  • OPC Classic technology fundamentals
  • OPC Unified Architecture training
  • Applying OPC in hands-on workshops
  • OPC tunneling
  • Programming with OPC
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics, etc.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Architect and configure their systems based on the OPC standard,
  • Troubleshoot OPC connectivity issues,
  • Optimize OPC to maximize systems performance.

OPC training courses are provided in English or French. They can be delivered online or at our training center. End users can also request to schedule training sessions on-site depending on their needs.

The following is a list of the available courses in this category.

Available OPC Training Courses and Workshops

Our system integration services help you address critical business, security, and operational needs and include:

Introduction to OPC

This course provides an overview of the OPC classic specifications including OPC Data Access (DA), OPC Historical Data Access (HDA), OPC Alarms & Events (A&E), OPC-XML and OPC-DX (Data eXchange). The objective of this course is for participants to become familiar with most OPC standards and to understand the importance and benefits of the OPC standard and how it can be used to build an open architecture and flexible systems.

OPC Hands-on Workshop

In this OPC hands-on workshop, participants will gain experience on OPC products and practice OPC knowledge in lab such as establish OPC communication in a client/server architecture, reconnection, real-time data acquisition, historical data acquisition, alarms and events supervision. The course objective is to be able to install, configure and deploy OPC based products and to architect a plant-wide solution based on OPC.

Troubleshooting OPC

In this course, participants will learn how to troubleshoot common issues with the OPC communications and repair DCOM configuration problems. Participants will also learn how to optimize OPC to maximize the performance and stability of a system.

Programming with OPC

This course is intended for developers and engineers looking to develop their own OPC server or OPC client application, without having to deal with the details of DCOM or of the OPC specifications. This course is based on Integration Objects’ OPC toolkits. Programming options include .NET, C++ and Visual Basic.

OPC Tunneling

In this course, participants will learn about OPC Tunneling technology as a DCOM replacement solution that ensures OPC remote communication in a transparent and secure way. Participants will have the opportunity to deploy an architecture based in Integration Objects’ OPC Tunneling solution: OPCNet Broker. This course also includes a comparison of OPC communications based on DCOM and communications based on the OPC tunneling solution.

Introduction to OPC UA

This course provides an overview of the OPC unified architecture standard and its technology fundamentals. Participants will understand the various sections of OPC UA Specifications including Data Access, Historical Access, and Alarms & Conditions.