New Integration Objects’ KnowledgeNet Analytics helps organizations turn data into knowledge and profits

February 9, 2015

KnowledgeNet® Analytics is an out of the box data analysis software designed to meet operations’ needs as it helps uncover your plant’s true potential and turn it into profits. KnowledgeNet Analytics, the newborn in the operational intelligence product family of Integration Objects, will bring organizations an easy and visual access to advanced analytics in order to gain in-depth knowledge in their processes, patterns, correlations and predictive modeling, taking the guesswork out of the equation and going beyond business intelligence.

  • Reaching operations and manufacturing intelligence

KnowledgeNet Analytics combines several data analytics and data mining tools allowing end users to inspect, clean, transform raw data into knowledge. With KnowledgeNet Analytics, you can go beyond aggregations, totalizers and equations, capture and build operations and manufacturing intelligence. Our technology works for continuous and batch process industries.

  • Taking your profitability to the next level

KnowledgeNet Analytics will analyze your data and help you make the right decisions, turn the knowledge hidden in your data into savings and profits and take advantage of your historical data to understand your process behavior, to improve your production and to minimize costs by predicting process issues and finding quickly and easily.

  • Increasing your operations and assets reliability

KnowledgeNet Analytics empowers operations managers to increase their operations reliability providing them with a proven concept in modeling performance targets while still taking into account the dynamic behavior of the process. It allows managers to trust their benchmark values and the status of their key performance indicators with respect to their targets. Setting valid benchmark values will reduce the amount of false alarms the systems are reporting and will increase not only the plant assets reliability but also the IT assets reliability.


With KnowledgeNet Analytics, users can:

  • Clean bad data such as erroneous sensor values, missing values and/or outliers for more accurate models
  • Analyze your historical data and easily extract process insights
  • Perform predictive and descriptive analytics using principal component analysis, neural networks, linear and non-linear multivariate regressions
  • Perform proactive decision making to adjust their plans according to the data models
  • Transform raw data into expert knowledge rules
  • Identify correlations and patterns using covariance analysis, correlations matrices and lagged-correlations, association rules, and classification algorithms

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About Integration Objects

Integration Objects is a world leading systems integrator and solution provider specializing in decision support systems, preventative detection of abnormal conditions, automated root cause analysis, performance management, advanced analytics and industrial cyber security. We support our customers their business and manufacturing processes, thereby maximizing plant safety, increasing asset availability, and facilitating better resolution decision-making. Integration Objects’ team and domain experts are always ready to help you in creating integral links between your business and operational objectives and reaching operational excellence. Click here to read more about us.

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